Adopt a Hive


Can you, your company or your organisation afford £350 to help 



Your money will buy one full set of equipment, comprising a 5-frame nucleus beehive with mesh floor and inspection tray, a dissecting microscope, a powerful hand lens, frames, foundation and other equipment which will be ‘loaned‘ to a local bee keeper to study the Varroa mite drop as an extension of our work.

The hive will contain a young “SHCG queen” (at this age unproven as being hygienic) and a sufficient number of bees to look after the young queen. The plan is to determine just how hygienic the new queen’s progeny are and to convince the new keeper to become ‘chemical-free’.

When this small colony becomes too strong for the 5-frame hive the participating beekeeper will keep the bees and the frames they are on, placing them into one of their own hives and return our hive and equipment to SHCG.

Should hygienic ability be high a few new queens may be produced with the new owners help.

Upon return the nucleus hive will be re-kitted with a new queen and bees plus five more frames and ‘loaned’ to another beekeeper on the same terms. More about this on the News and Get Involved pages. 

We have purchased some equipment with monies already received but need much more to extend the schemes boundaries in order to make it really effective.

Your name or company name will be engraved on a plaque attached to the hive (you choose the wording). You will receive an invoice acknowledging your sponsorship of this scheme. You will also be credited within these pages and on a list of sponsors at our Stanton Park Apiary which is open to the public and visited by many. The hive plaque may look something like this but with your specified details.



Your cheque should be made payable to Swindon Honeybee Conservation Group and sent to:

Ron Hoskins,
Founder of SHCG,
10 Larksfield,
Covingham Park,

Tel: 01793 525364.  

Mobile: 07737400515.


You may of course sponsor more than a single set and don’t forget to add how you wish the plaques to read.