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Since I stopped using chemicals to control Varroa my bees survive — No winter losses DUE TO VARROA for many years.

Our New Queens are likely to be in demand due to their latest Varroa Hygienic qualities. They are bred from some of our most hygienic colonies. Some may be Instrumentally Inseminated.  We will use some ourselves to replace older failing queens or to increase the levels of hygiene. We need to sell some queens in order to spread their hygienic qualities for the benefit of all honeybees and their minders. The money we get is to be used to conduct further research.

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In 2018, due to the very poor start to that season, we had a serious delay to our queen breeding program. We were unable to commence breeding until we had sufficient drones to guarantee good mating.    At the end of April no drones had naturally emerged.

However, in 2019 we have been somewhat more successful. Though rather late in the season we will have mated untested queens for sale. They are grafts from our best hygienic queens but have not been evaluated for their hygienic qualities

We do not sell F1 queens unless they have been proved ‘Varroa-tolerant’. This means she will be the mother of bees showing a very high degree of hygienic behaviour, i.e. “Bees which groom adult varroa mites off each other and also uncapping, removing and discarding young bee pupae from the cells where varroa are actively breeding”.  Such evaluation can take months therefore “2019 F1 Queens will not be available for sale until April 2020.

We ask the new keepers of our F1 Queens to refrain from the use of Chemicals or Drone-culling as a means of varroa control; these bees should be able to look after themselves and co-exist with varroa.  

********   NUKES for SALE   ********


Assuming the coming season is going to be better there will be some 5-frame nukes for sale. These will have been tested for there hygiene qualities before sale to categorically prove their queen is entitled to be called one of our F1  Queens. 

Our queens are selectively bred from the best of our Varroa Tolerant Stock and the emerging brood are showing no signs of DWV.

The nukes will be strong ‘Collect-Only” from Swindon in a new 5-frame BS National non-returnable Correx ventilated transport box @ £250 each. Queens are marked and clipped.

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Ron Hoskins  07737400515

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     16th August.  I have three F1 5-frame Nuclei for sale. 

I commenced my second routine hygiene assessment for 2019 in late July.  The assessment involves collecting varroa &c from each hive and checking for volume of damage as noted in My Research pages. The resultant numbers are expressed as a percentage of damaged vs undamaged. 

The three have tested very hygienic with averages at 77%, 88% and 86%,  Two of them have single recordings of 100% when no undamaged varroa were found. All may be used as breeder colonies needing no chemical controls against varroa. 

We welcome open discussion about our methods of assessment which can be easily adopted. We do not lose bees to Varroa. We do not need to cull drones or need to make shook swarms. Our chemical free bees need little further help from us; they cope with varroa on their own and now co-exist. We would like to have feedback from the new owners about their new queens performance. It is hoped that the queen was purchased so that chemical varroa control would no longer be needed. By reading My Research page the collecting and examination of mites is explained.

Varroa-control Chemicals used by some beekeepers may cause their bees to become reliant on both chemical and beekeeper, forever. They may not survive if not treated.                                                                                Ours have no such problem.

One of my concerns about chemical usage is that most are applied to control and damage varroa but not harm the bees. (I question the latter bit). There should be a marginal gap to safeguard the bees. Any varroa surviving in that gap will become, by selection, a stronger immune varroa; in fact a Super Varroa needing even stronger chemicals???

This is a proven fact with Mosquitoes and the use of DDT.


For your own Queen Rearing

This could be of interest to you


We sell brand new Kieler Queen Mating Mini Hives to which we have made some modifications to improve their functionality. The Kieler mini-nuc were the best even before we modified them. Now with our improvements they are far superior to all others; and cheaper than many.

We use Kieler mini hives in our own Varroa Tolerant Queen Breeding programs.


The improvements include:

Picture 1Four frames, pre-fitted with approx. 20mm starter strip of Australian Premium Grade Foundation. The foundation is totally free of miticide residues. Frame top bars are ‘waisted’ to permit the insertion of a queen cell or queen cage. Two extra frames may be fitted when the feeder is removed once feeding is no longer needed.
Picture 3Workers often attached their new comb to the hive side walls so our frames are now fitted with angled side-bars to suit the hive shape and deter bees doing that
Picture 4We find that liquid sugar feed is better than candy at getting the starter comb drawn quickly. In the past some of our young queens were drowned after getting into the feeder. The feeders are now fitted with a queen excluder to prevent this happening.
Picture 6Picture 7Another problem we had when the bees were busy and lots of bees were trying to get in and out, sometimes when removing a dead bee carcass or two. The small entrance can easily become blocked and bees die there, especially when made even smaller when the entrance disc is set to the queen excluder position. The exit design prevented workers clearing it. The rear of the exit has now been removed by us to enable workers to keep it clear.
Picture 8A laminated Queen Record Card to record up to six queens being mated is attached to the inside of the lid. A fine point permanent ink pen may be used for recording the queen’s details. Methylated spirit or similar will remove such ink when new records are needed.
Picture 9Picture 10Picture 11A hinged plastic inner cover is fitted to prevent bees flying during interior observations. A separate flap is fitted over the feeder to allow syrup top-up using a small funnel. A second flap over the frames will allow a queen cell to be inserted.
ABSTRACT: The selling of these hives and other bee related items is to raise funds for the benefit of the Swindon Honeybee Conservation Group whose bees have not been chemically treated to control Varroa for 24 years. SHCG bees are now able to control Varroa numbers by grooming, also by the uncapping then removal of pupae from mite infested cells. The bees are very healthy and do not have the DWV virus.


Are you a Hayfever Sufferer?


Many sufferers eat honey for protection but are unaware that any jar will only contain a minimal variety of pollen.

We collect pollen from our bees during the whole season. It is then dried, cleaned and made into:






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