Many of you will have heard that on Monday 16 March vandals set fire to my two sheds and a greenhouse used for storage.

Everything is non-recoverable which includes all my queen rearing and research equipment plus much, much more. My small group are dismayed and very angry. I am quite tearfull as 24 years developing honeybees immune to the bee-killer virus and needing no chemical controls has now gone up in smoke.

I wish to thank all those of you for your wonderful supportive comments and for the monies donated to help get my work back on track. This includes people from around the world.

Some of you may have been directed to this page by News Articles and are seeking to make a donation. The site you are looking for is GoFundMe and as I am not very computer literate I’m unable to create that as a link so leaving you to copy and paste. I have yet to find out how to include pictures into these pages as the person who originally made the site for me has moved on. I can only add words but there are plenty of pictures available on David Hoskins Facebook site and the press.

Thanks again to all of you for restoring my faith in humanity



I am amazed — I have found it impossible to raise funding to further my research as it seems money goes to research labs where there may be an end product. I am an 88 year-old living on a low pension needing much money to “Roll-out” my very special Chemical-free honeybee.

Though it seems I might be scaring one particular chemical producer by them publishing a web page whose link contains 

blog/mystery-of-the-superbees-solved/   The full link is below for you to open.

What MYSTERY    and What’s been SOLVED?

There is no Mystery (or problem) so nothing to solve so why the headliner?

I ask  the author of that article “If you really feel there is a mystery, tell me why you should think that; then give me some cash and I will endeavor to solve it, one way or the other”.

I have often written  that my bees could see the end of using Chemical-Controls against varroa build-up and that the chemical manufacturers would love to keep selling their dangerous products to beekeepers.

A further concern I have about chemicals, which is a proven fact with the human abuse of Anti-biotics, some varroa WILL become immune to many chemicals when only being marginally affected giving them a form of ‘Flue-jab immunization’. This can only lead to stronger, therefore more dangerous varroa needing even more dangerous chemicals than those already in use.

My bees (and varroa) are immune to DWV and been chemical-free since 1995. Though this does not reduce varroa numbers  They have two other strings to their bow to do that, they groom and kill high percentages of adult varroa and also uncap and remove afflicted cells thus preventing baby varroa ever reaching adulthood. Three methods to fight varroa causing harm, no less.

Several beekeepers in and around Swindon no longer use chemicals and have not done so for years. (My drones appear to be doing a good job). I have widely sold bees and queens but have not had, or sought much feedback about their continued varroa tolerance. I suspect that many still persist using chemicals fearing losing their bees or being called irresponsible.

However, it appears to me that VITA-Europe apparently know more about my bees than I do, or are they running scared they might lose a money making market? I cannot understand why they felt the need to speak out at all?

WHY did they feel the need to headline a talk given at the National Honey Show nor the need to add:

Unfortunately, simply moving Hoskins’ bees to another apiary where DWV Type A is dominant is likely to be futile. The colony is likely to be swamped by the lethal Type A and face the disease threat common to most colonies.

They don’t know that anymore than I do. I need more funding to give away colonies of bees to beekeepers whose bees have DWV-A. Then, and only then, will anyone know “What is LIKELY to HAPPEN”.

Most beekeepers are still treating their hives with chemicals and probably do not need to do so. It is drummed into them as part of today’s beekeeping.

If your bees show the obvious signs of DWV-A then buy one of my queens and destroy your queen. Then breed more queens (and drones) from my queen to re-queen all your hives hopefully to see damaged wings no more! it could work even if mating with your local drones. Then let me know how you got on. I’d like to know.

Ron Hoskins

Latest Headline News…. 26th October, 2015

Really Exciting News

My bees are IMMUNE to DWV

Hard to believe but very true


BBC South West have produced a film presented by Chris Packham showing the ground breaking work we’ve been doing over the past 20 years together with recent scientific findings. Some of the pictures in the video are not of my hives or my bees. My bees do not have DWV.

The programme is available to view on YouTube.  Browse using my name: Ron Hoskins  and you will find the videos 
Scientists studied my bees starting in August 2012 and continued through 2013 testing monthly samples. They have written a paper relating their findings and the methods used, follow the links below...
Scientific Paper
and a brief explanation at

Read about our latest developments and the continued work we are doing with different organisations.

The Future

Having achieved major successes we are now confident that we are able to selectively breed bees which mostly are able to fend for themselves against the Varroa Mite without mans’ chemical interventions.

Swarms from our hives, not collected and hived, will once again survive in the wild to kick-start the revival of British Feral Honeybees, essential for all of us and for the survival of wildlife and flora in remote regions where beekeepers do not keep bees.

Phase 1
As all development and breeding has taken place in our apiary near Swindon, we are conscious that only a limited area of bees has the benefit of receiving genes from our drones (males) when mating in flight.

In order to expand this breeding area plans are ongoing to equip selected beekeepers around Swindon with 5-frame Special Nucleus Hives (SNH) containing one of our specially bred queens with a few thousand bees, plus a powerful magnifying lens and a dissecting microscope to aid the studying of Varroa mites and assess the colony’s “hygienic” potential. One of the five frames will have Drone Foundation fitted to encourage the production of hygienic male bees, the drones. Drones bred in these hives will be able to add their hygienic genes to the local gene pool. It is further hoped that seeing positive results in the SNH the evaluating beekeeper will continue studying Varroa in their own hives for signs of hygienic behaviour by their bees and hopefully stop their use of chemicals

Phase 2
When the number of bees become too strong for the 5-frame nucleus hive the beekeeper will be allowed to keep the bees and their frames in a hive they own, to still produce hygienic bees and drones in their location.

Our hive will be returned to us with the lens and microscope, etc., for restocking and placement with new beekeepers outside Swindon, increasing the footprint even further every time.

During following seasons our plans are to continue this very important program over ever widening areas.

This essential conservation on-going project is believed to be unique In Britain; maybe in the world.

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